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ADA Offers Resources To Help Dentists Maintain Mental Health, Wellness

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2020

The ADA News (7/27, Solana) reports that “dentistry is a high-stress career, and the added challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic underscore the need for dentists to maintain their mental health and well-being, said Dr. Jeffrey Berkley, chair of the Council on Dental Practice’s Health, Wellness & Aging subcommittee.” The ADA offers resources and programs to help members maintain their mental health and wellness, including the following on-demand webinars: Emotional Impact: Dealing Constructively With Stress in the Midst of COVID-19; What Makes Humans Happy; Balanced By Design: Why “Crazy Busy” Isn’t Sustainable; Four Ways to Stay Healthy During Crisis; and Building Resilience in Times of Anxiety and Uncertainty. The next webinar, The Dental Hygienist’s Role in Supporting Patients with Substance Use Disorder, is set for Aug. 6 from 1-2 pm CT.

        The ADA’s health resources may be found through the Center for Professional Success at